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    We collaborate with amazing companies to bring ideas to life.

  • Bindle satchel
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    Show and tell for gear

    Gear helps you do what you love better. Create immersive collages of the gear you love, show your friends and find the best stuff. Percolate crafted an immersive experience to showcase collections, wrapped it in user-centric interface design, and launched the product. We did it all.

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  • Team sports simplified
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    Organize your team sports

    Focus on having fun with your team not organizing it. Create teams, schedule games, and send automatic reminders to your teammates with ease. League ensures that your team is always on the same play with email integration, next-generation realtime technology and visual design. Complex problems often need simple solutions.

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  • Amble in your pocket
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    Victoria in your pocket

    Discover the culture and sights of Victoria, Australia with Amble. Find a great nearby restaurant, landmark or activity on your phone or on your computer. We made a location-based web app to serve as your personal guide to Victoria. Featured in the App My State Competition.

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  • iCyte briefcase
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    • Icyte_4


    Your research. Anywhere.

    Simplify your world. Save, annotate and organize all your research securely in the cloud. Create carbon copies of webpages & PDFs that you can access anywhere. Our team engineered a powerful website saver to record every detail, built the interface and executed design and branding.

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We're an interdisciplinary team spanning two continents

Closer than you think
  • Tom Coleman

    Tom Coleman

    Tom is our go-to software engineer and architect. He’s responsible for making sure we use the right technology for a given problem and ensures that our apps are reliable, efficient, and technically sound. PhD, Computer Science, University of Melbourne.

  • Dominic Nguyen

    Dominic Nguyen

    Dom lives in the happy medium between designer and front-end developer. He takes care of all things visual including user interface, illustration and iconography. BA, Practice of Art, University of California, Berkeley.

  • Zoltan Olah

    Zoltan Olah

    Zoltan is the studio's Product specialist. He knows technology back to front and will work closely with you to make sure we build your vision to the highest of standards. BEng, Software Engineering, University of Melbourne.

  • Chaz Batrouney

    Chaz Batrouney

    Chaz is our swiss army knife. He ensures you are happy and updated at every step of a Percolate collaboration: he knows everything about your project and is all about making your life easier.